All These cds are from trades most are from SBD or FM source's
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Acoustic Crucial
8-11-96 Rockygrass 2cds

Acoustic Allstars
89 Drive Jam Birchmiere 3cds

Ancient Harmony
10/19/01 1cd

Dave Alvin
The Birchmere 10-19-94 2cds

Dave Alvin & Rick Shea
Ramshead 99 2cd cd1 w/ B&J Miller

Dave Alvin & The Pleasure Barons
3/93 Vancover 2cds

Dave Alvin
Gene Autry Museum of Westeren History (/25/95 FM 1cd

Dave Alvin
Sesto Italy 2/21/01 2cds

Dave Alvin w/Shea & Kearns
9-5-01 Carriage House Villa Moentalvo Saratoga CA SBD 1cd

Dave Alvin & the Guilty Men

Ryan Adams w/Gillian Welch
Exit In Nashville 10/28/99 2cds

Terry Allen
Only A Hobo Music Festival Sesto Calende Italy 12/8/95 SBD 1cd

Darol Anger and Scott Nyguard THE IMPROBABLES
1-27-01 14 Broadway Fairfax ca SBD 3cds

Asylum Street Spankers
11-8-02 Riverhawk Music Festival FL SBD 1cd

Asylum Street Spankers
9-8-01 The Alley AUD 2cds

Asylum Street Spankers
1-30-02 The Alley AUD 2cds

Auldridge / Bennett / Gaudreau
2-16-02 Joe Val BGF 2cds

6/24/99 Baltimore SBD 1cd

1-28-95 Cold ride to Heaven Demos Acoustic 1CD

Danny Barnes & Bad Livers
11-15-99 1cd

Danny Barnes & The Old Cloggers
3-8-02 Red Light Cafe Atlanta SBD 2cds

Danny Barns & The Old Cloggers
3-7-02 Grey Eagle Ashville NC SBD 2cds

Be Good Tanya's
5-25-02 Lake Eden Arts Fest Black Mountain SBD 1cd

Be Good Tanya's
9-14-02 Nashville Tn 1cd

Bluegrass Homecoming
10-6-02 Strictly Bluegrass Festival 1cd

Ashville NC 10/6/99 AUD 3cds

10/17/99 SBD 1cd

Curtis & Ruthie Burch
8-19-01 Brushy Mountain Jamboree 1cd

Sam Bush Bela Fleck Jerry Douglas
11-2-97 Station Inn Nashville TN AUD 2cds

Sam Bush
SOLO Comp 1cd

Sam Bush & Jorma Kaukonen Workshop
High Sierra Music Festival 6/30/00 SBD 1cd

Sam Bush & Peter Rowan
Cincinnati Ohio 5/9/98 1cd

Sam Bush Band
4/30/99 Merlefest SBD 2cds

Sam Bush Band w/David Grisman
3/16/01 Petaluma CA MYSTIC Theater SBD 2cds

Sam bush & John Cowan SOLO Special Guest Paster Mustard
2/27/98 Sherman Opera House Telluride CO FM 2cds

Sam Bush Band
5/11/00 GIBSON Nashville 1cd SBD

Sam Bush Band
12/30 01 2cds

Sam Bush Band
2001 Magfest SBD 2cds

Sam Bush Band
Acoustic Cafe 5-52=01 SBD 2cds

Sam Bush Band
Jamgrass VA 1-17-02 2cds

Blue Highway
Ashville NC 3/1/97 SBD 1cd

Blue Highway
Middletown Ohio 8/24/00 SBD 1cd

Alison Brown Quartet
10-6-02 Strictly Bluegrass Festival SF CA 1cd

Jackson Browne & David Lindley
Catalyst CA 12/14/87 DSBD 2cds

California Reunion
10-1-99 Oaklahoma Bluegrass Festival 1cd

Peter Case
Jamestown 7-23-98 1cd

Peter Case
7-21-00 Tracktor Tavern Seattle SBD 1cd

Kasey Chambers
5-22-01 Sweden SBD 1cd

Kasey Chambers
11-2-00 Kuumba Santa Cruz SBD 1cd

Kasey Chambers
3-29-02 Byron Bay Australia FM 1cd

Slaid Cleaves
Live At The Loft 11/26/00 SBD 2cds

Comander Cody & his Lost Planet Airmen
KFAT FM 3/9/75 Stoneybrook Gym NY 1cd

Comander Cody & his Lost Planet Airmen
Caldenone Hall NYC 8-13-77 1cd

John Cowan band w/ Tara Nevins
4/28/01 1cd

John Cowan Band
8/18/01 Campbells Truck Stop Cheaster SC 2cds

John Cowan Band
Down Home 2cds

John Cowan Band
Jamgrass 8-22-02 2cds

John Cowan Band w/ Drew Emmitt
12-12-01 2cds

John Cowan Band w/ Drew Emmitt
12-13-01 2cds

John Cowan Band w/ Drew Emmitt
12-14-01 3rd 7 Lindsley Nashville tN SBD 2cds

John Cowan Band w/ Drew Emmitt
12-15-01 3cds

John Cowan Band
Hoot & Howl 10-27-01 2cds

John Cowan & friends
2-7-03 Elderly Instruments Showcase Folk Alliance TN SBD 1cd

Joe Craven Band
7-5-98 High Sierra Music Festival 1cd

Joe Craven
6-2-02 Wild Iris Festival 1cd

Joe Craven
10-20-02 Magnoliafest 1cd

Rodney Crowell
4-6-01 Catalyst SBD 2cds

11/11/63 The Mecca Buena Park CA 1cd

Doug Dillard's Expedition

Jerry Douglas Band Telluride CO 6/17/00 FM to DAT 1cd

JERRY Douglas Band
Grayfox 7/20/01 A+ AUD 1cd

Donna Dosa Oldtime
9-30-01 Harvest Festival 1cd

Druha Trava
High Sierra Festival 7/5/98 SBD 1cd

Druha Trava
Oaklahoma International BGF 10/2/99 SBD 1cd

Dry Branch Fire Squad
7-21-91 Winterhawk 1cd

Bush&Cowan Bar Blues Band 1/17/98 Nashville 3cds

69 Nashville Recordings 1cd

Fred Eaglesmith
Towne Crier 5-5-00 2cds

Fred Eaglesmith
Philadelphia PA 2/19/01/SBD2cds

Fred Eaglesmith
9-20-01 Rams Head Tavern DSBD 1cd

Fred Eaglesmith
1-9-02 Last Day Saloon SF SBD 1cd

Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band
Malmo Sweden 5/11/99 FM 2cds

Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band
5-12-99 Rockefeller Music Hall Olso Norway FM 1cd

Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band
5-13-99Grosse Freiheit Hamburg GER FM 2cds

Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band
Bandera TX AUD 3cds

Steve Earle
Fast Company Hickory NC 82 1cd

Steve Earle & The Dukes
Frutigen Switzerland 6/00 FM 2cds

Steve Earle
6/26/95 Telluride

Steve Earle w/Rowan/Blake/Husky jr
Great American Music Hall 1/17/96 2cds

Steve Earle
Rare Tracks Studio Recordings 1cd

Steve Earle
SOLO Slims SF CA 4/19/90 AUD 2cds

Steve Earle
3/20/96 2cds

Steve Earle w/ Del McCoury Band
NY 98 SBD 1cd

Steve Earle & Del McCoury Band
#/7/99 1cd

Steve Earle & The Bluegrass Dukes
8/27/99 Oregon 2cds

Steve Earl & the Bluegrass Dukes
11-12-99 Station Inn Nashville TN SBD 2cds

Steve Earle
The Art Of Zen Copenhagen Solo SBD 2cds

Steve Earle
solo Blue Note columbia MO 10-27-97 SBD 2cds

Steve Earle & The Dukes
Fillmore SF 8-8-00 SBD 2cds

Steve Earle & the Dukes
Amsterdam 10-2-00 1cd

Steve Earle & The Dukes
Merlefest 4-25-99 2cds

Steve Earle & The Dukes w/Buddy Miller
11-16-97 Bern Switzerland 2cds

Steve Earle & the Dukes
11-13-97 Hamburg Ger w/Buddy Miller 2cds

Steve Earle & the Dukes
12-7-97 KGSR Anniversary Party Austin TX w/Buddy Miller 2cds

Steve Earle
Transcendental Blues Live
5-25-00 Warwick University England FM 1cd

Steve Earle
Byron Bay Australia 1cd

Steve Earle Solo w/ Justin Earle Opening
1-25-02 Hamburg Ger 2cds

Steve Earle Bluegrass Dukes
10-5-02 Strickly Bluegrass Fest SF 1cd

Steve Earle & The Dukes
11-18-02 9:30 Club Washington DC 2cds

Steve Earle & the Dukes
1-27-03 Crystal Ballroom Portland OR 2cds

Drew Emmett & Freedom Ride
10-22-02 Zephers Salt Lake city UT SBD 2cds

Everly Brothers
Kavlapkas studios Stockholm 1cd

Flat & Scruggs
Dallas TX 1965 1cd

Bela Fleck And The Flecktones w/ Sam Bush
Madison Theater Peoria Il. AUD 2cds

Bela Fleck & Jerry Douglas
Acoustic Stage Merlefest 1/17/98 2cds

Fleck & Thile
Rockygrass 7-27-02 1cd

Matt Flinner Quintet
Durango CO 1-20-01 3cds

The Flying Buritto Brothers
4-6-69 Avalon Ballroom SF 1cd

Flying Burrito Brothers
6-8-69 Palomino Club LA AUD 1cd

Foghorn String Band
2-25-03 Aladdin Portland OR 1cd

Blaze Foley
The Gruf Morlix Tapes rare 1cd

Blaze Foley
Vita Label LP to cd OOP Rare 1cd

Nick Forester & Michael Doucet
7-28-02 Rockygrass AUD 1cd

Four Wheel Drive
Unreleshed cd 93 1cd

Cary Fridley & Friends
7-20-01 Grassroots Festival NY SBD 1cd

Cary Fridley Band
7-21-01 Grassroots Festival NY SBD 1cd

8-2-97 1cd

11/30/97 Raleigh NC 2cds SBD

Cicero's ST Louis MO 6/14/00 2cds

Robbie Fulks
Liberty Lunch 3/21/99 1cd

Robbie Fulks
TT Bears Cambrige MA 4/1/00 1cd

Tony Furtado Band
High Sierra Music Festival 4/7/99 1cd

Tony Furtado Band
Cicero's 3/11/00 2cds

Tony Furtado
Fine Pickin Marshall MT Missoula mt 9-28-99 SBD 1cd

Tony Furado
9-28-99 1cd

Tony Furtado Band w/Rob Ickes
Fly Me To The Moon Saloon Telluride 6-27-98 1cd

Tony Furtado
4-20-02 2cds

jimmy Dale Gilmore
Live set KUT FM 10-13-91 1cd

Garcia / Nelson / Wakefield
The Matrix SF 2/19/69 SBD 1cd

Jerry Garcia
Solo Acostic
4-10-82 Passaic NJ 1cd

Jerry Garcia Band
Squaw Valley CA 8/24/91 SBD 2cds

Good Ol Persons
9-23-95 Napa Valley Bluegrass Festival 2cds

Great American String Band
6-12-74 Kestone Berkley 2cds

David Grisman
Bluegrass Dropouts
3-9-68 2cds

9/11/76 The Dance Palace Point Reyes Station CA 1cd

Hot Dawg Outtakes unissued tracks from Hot Dawg Sessions 1cd

5/1176 Osaka Japan 1cd

10/23/77 Santa cruz cA 1cd

6/18/88 Telluride BGF 1cd

7/20/89 Tree Cafe Portland Me 2cds

The Flat Zone 7-31-94 Richmond va SBD 2cds

String Summit 02 1cd

Jamgrass Norfork VA 7-17-02 1cd

Garcia & Grisman
Squaw Valley CA 8/25/91 SBD 2cds

Black Mountain Boys
3/7/64 1cd

Garcia & Grisman
Warfield SF 12/8/91 DSBD 2cds

Garcia & grisman
Warfield SF set 2 2/3/91 SBD 1cd

Garcia & David Grisman Quintet
Warfield SF DSBD 1cd 5/xx/92
tape a mix of the 5 night Garcia & Grisman run.
The tape was givin to David Gans by Grisman for Gan's Greatful Dead Hour program.
The tape was stolen from Gan's and put into circulation

Warfield SF 3/21/97 SBD 2cds

David Grisman
8/28/93 Town Point Park Norfork VA DSBD 2cds

DGQ w/Ronnie McCoury
Autumn Equinox Festival Capon Bridge WV 9/25/00 AUD 1cd

Thile & Grisman Workshop
Winterhawk 7/17/99 AUD 1cd

Grisman & Friends
6/23/96 Telluride 1cd

David Grisman Birthday bash 97
DGQ/Anger Marshall Del Mccury band
3-21-97 Warfield SF 2cds

Grisman / Rowan
12-20-97 Marin Jewish Community Center SBD 2cds

3/10/01 AUD 1cd

10/20/00 2cds

7/30/00 Rockygrass 1cd AUD

Grisman & Rice
Tone Poems Set
Merlfest 4/30/95 SBD 1cd

Great American Music Hall SF CA 12/16/77 SBD 1cd

High Sierra Festival 7/4/98 SBD

Telluride CO 6/16/00 SBD 2cds

Grisman & Bush
Rockygrass 4/29/00 AUD 1cd

Grisman & Bush
Workshop Merlfest 4/29/95 SBD 1cd

Grisman & Rowan
11/20/99 SBD 2cds

David Grisman Bluegrass Exerence W/Del/Ronnie/Robbie McCoury
Steppenwolf Theater Chicago Ill AUD 4/13/89

David Grisman Bluegrass Experance
6-2-02 Wild Iris Festival Boonville CA 1cd

David Grier & Tony Trichaka
2/24/95 2cds

David Grier
? 4/30/95 1cd

David Grier & Chris Thile
Prism Coffee House 11/3/00 DSBD 3cds

David Grier & Matt Flinner
Prism Coffee Shop 1/15/00 DSBD 2cds

Grier /Flinner / Philips
Grand Tarhee Festival Jackson Hole WY 8/12/00 1cd

Arlo Guthrie
6-30-01 Kate Wolf Festival Sbd 2cds

Hackensaw Boys
01 Sunshine Daydreams Barn Terra Alta WV 1cd

Hackensaw Boys
6-15-02 Brewglass Terra Alta WV SBD 1cd

Off Broadway Saint Louis 2cds

Hayseed Dixie
6-20-02 Telluride 1cd

Emmy Lou Harris w/ Nash Ramblers
Trax Charlottesville NC 2-11-91 2cds

Emmy Lou Harris
w/Buddy & Julie Miller
10-6-02 Strictly Blugrass Festival SF AUD 1cd

John Hartford
SOLO 3/27/83 La crosse WI 2cds

Hartford String band
7-29-00 1CD

John Hartford
Station Inn 8-22-98 2CDS

John Hartford
Warner Auditorium Mt Pleasent MI 3-27-98 1CD

John Hartford
Louisville KY 3-?-88 1cd

John Hartford
Solo 8-15-78

John Hartford String Band
KDHX Radio Show plus full concert after 12/7 01 3cds

John Hartford Aeroplane Reunion
w/N Blake /S Bush AUD 3cds

John Hartford w/ Newgrass Revial
2/9/77 1cd

John Hartford
Old Settlers Music Festival Dripping springs TX 4/7/01HIS FINAL PREFORMANCE

John Haitt
Catalyst 12-13-01 SBD 2cds

Vince Herman
6-8-02 Mishawaka Amp Bellview CO 1cd

Hot Tuna
Mystic Theater 12-8-00 acoustic SBD 2cds

Hot Tuna
12-31-69 Winterland SF SBD 1cd

Michael Hedges
Minniapolis 2/10/91 SBD 2cds

Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks Reunion
2-14-01 Toyko SBD 2cds

HIGH COUNTRY w/Garcia/Nelson
12-19-69 The Matrix SF 1cd

Buddy Holly
What You Been a Missin Quality varies 5cds

Holy Modal Rounders
WLIR FM NYC 71 1cd

The Unholy Modal Rounders
7-6-77 The Bottom Line NY SBD 2cds

Holy Modal Rounders
1-6-01 Crystal Ballroom OR SBD 3cds

Micheal Hurley
10-2-02 Zentral Cafe Nurenberg GER FM 1cd

2-8-01 Cafe Tomo Arcata CA SBD 1cd

6-29-02 N.W. String Summit N. Plans OR 1cd

Johnson Mountain Boys
5-6-95 Gettysburg PA 1cd

Jorma Kaukonen& Blue Country
1-20-02 Turning Point NY SBD 3cds

Jorma Kaukonen Blue Country
Jamgrass Norfork VA 7-17-02 1cd

Jorma Kaukonen& Blue Country
08/11/02 Grand Targhee BGF, Alta, WY. 2cds

Jorma Kaukonen& Blue Country
2-5-03 Radio 1cd

Jorma Kaukonen& Blue Country
2-5-02 night 2cds

The Kingston Trio
7/66 Sahara Tahoe 2cds

Kruger Brothers
7/27/00 SBD 1cd

Larry Keel Experience
Rafters DSBD 2cds

Larry Keel Experience w/ Vassar Clements
? 2cds

Robert Earl Keen
Ctalyst 12-2-95 2cds

Robert Earl Keen
Catalysy Club 12-2-95 2cds

Robert Earl Keen
11/96 KPIG HUMBUG HOEDOWN Santa cruz FM 2cds

Robert Earl Keen
Kuumba 3-9-97 2cds

Robert Earl Keen
Catalyst Club Santa Cruz CA 12/4/99 SBD 2cds

Robert Earl Keen
KPIG Hoedown 12/11/98 FM 2cds

Robert Earl Keen
FAT FRY Aptos Park CA SBD 2cds

Robert Earl Keen
Kuumba Santa Cruz CA 12/4/99 SBD

Robert Earl Keen
Kuumba Acoustic 9-11-01 2cd

Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun
5-5-99 Sportsman's grill Buffalo NY SBD 2cds

Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun
5-25-02 Club Boyds Fredericks MD SBD 2cds

Alison Krauss & Union Station
Salam County Fairgrounds 9/2/95 2 sets SBD 2cds

Alison Krauss & Union Station
The Wolftrap 8/21/97 1cd

10-24-85 Irving Plaza NY SBD 1cd

12/3/99 Portland Aladdins 2cds

The Knitters
Seattle SBD or FM 2cds

Music Machine LA 6-14-84 1cd

Great American Music Hall 5-16-02 2cds

Jim Lauderdale
SOLO Johnny D's 2/8/99 1cd

Jim Lauderdale
3-26-01 Springfest FL 1cd

Jim Lauderdale
7-19-01 Grassroots Festival NY 1cd

Leftover Salmon
9/9/00 Planet SalmonFest, Lyons CO 3cds

Leftover Salmon
9/10/00 Planet SalmonFest, Lyons CO 3cds

Leftover Salmon
Bolder CO 2-12-02 3cds

Laurie Lewis & Her Bluegrass Pals
5-21-01 Pfleghofsaal Langenau GER FM 1cd

David Lindley
SOLO Catalyst Santa Cruz CA Early & late Show 2/6/86 SBD 3cds

David Lindley / Hani Naser
11-18-93 San Raphel ca AUD 2cds

David Lindley & El-Rayo-X
Montery CA 7/29/88 SBD 1cd

David Lindley & Wally Ingram
Kaueflueten Zurich Switzerland6/3/98 SBD 2cds

David Lindley

Lonesome River Band
6-9-01 Festival of Bluegrass Lexinton ky early+ late FM 2cds

Los Lobos
7-9-00 Stern Grove SF ca SBD 2cds

Lyle Lovett
7/16/00 Saratoga CA SBD 2cds

Marin County Bluegrass Festival
4-27&28-74 Golden State College San Rafael CA 4cds

Jim Messina
The Bottem Line NY 10/30/92 1cd SBD

Jim Messina
Rainbow music hall Denver 11-11-78 1cd

Buddy Miller
SOLO Seattle 00 with special Guest Emmylou Harris 1cd

Buddy Miller
BBC Live Borderline Club London 5/25/00

Buddy Miller
Brussels Belgium 2-16-00 2cds

Buddy & Julie Miller
Tin Angle 10-17-99 1cd

Buddy & Julie Miller
Ramshead 99 2cds end of cd #1 & all of #2 Dave Alvin & Rick Shea

Buddy & Julie Miller
3/30/00 Parks Coffee AUD 2cds

Julie Miller
OOP Meet Julie Miller 1cd

Julie Miller
OOP He Walks Through Walls + Invisable Girl 1cd

Bill Monroe And The Bluegrass Boys
Madison WI 2/13/67 FM 2cds

Bill Monroe And The Bluegrass BOYS
American University Washington DC 2/6/82 FM 2cds

Bill Monroe And The Bluegrass Boys
w/Guests Cantrails Horse Farm Fincastle VA 9/66 SBD 2cds

Bill Monroe 4/13/90 Birchmire SBD 2cds

Bill Monroe
Gaslite NY 1/16/63 1cd

Bill Monroe
9/19/54 1cd

Bill Monror
79 Great American Music hall SF 1cd

The McCoury Brothers
Station Inn 11-5-02 2cds

Del McCoury & the Dixie Pals
8-17-74 Gettysburg PA 1cd

Del McCoury & the Dixie Pals
6-20-87 Grass Valley CA 2cds

Del McCoury & the Dixie Pals
w/Bill Monroe
1-22-88 Station Inn 2cds

Del Mccoury band
Nayoga Japan 1cd

Del McCoury Band
Grass Valley CA 6/13&14/97 SBD 2cds

Del McCoury Band
Canyon Country Bluegrass Festival Ski Sawmill Morris PA late show 7/8/00 SBD 1cd

Del McCoury Band w/David Grisman
1/13/00 Palms Davis CA SBD 2cds

Del McCoury Band
Earl's Sunshine Park Chaffery ny 8-2-01 SBD 1cd

Del McCoury Band
Bonnaroo TN 6-22-02
Ronnie McCoury & Friends
Radio Cafe Nashville TN 2/4/00 3cds

Taj Mahal
Solo Birdhouse State College 5/4/89 1cd

Taj Mahal
SOLO 3/26/95 Bonn Gremany SBD

Jim Miller & Buffalo Country
9-7-02 Seven Stars Festival Kimberton PA 1cd

Newgrass Revial
7/8/77 3cds

Newgrass Revial
6/21/86 Telluride 1cd

Newgrass Revial
Cow Place 12-31-89 opening for the DEAD SBD 1cd

New Grange
11-21-99 Ziggy's NC 1cd

Nickle Creek
Lynagh's Lexington KY SBD 2cds

Nickle Creek
Oklahoma BGF 10/3/97 DSBD 1cd

Nickle Creek
6/17/01 Texas Uprising And Swine soiree 1cd

Tara Nevins & Friends
Traditional Stage Merlefest 4/28/01 1cd

Tara Nevin & Friends
Americana Stage Merlefest 4/27/01 1cd

The Flatheads
Station Inn Nashville 7/30/00 SBD 2cds

Tim And Molly Obrien w/ The O'Boy's
KPIG FAT FRY 10-1-95 SBD 1cd

Old Time New time Workshop Town Park Telluride 6/23/01 1cd

Hoover Y Park6/27/98 1cd

Tim Obrien & Darrel Scott
Station Inn 1-25-02 2cds

Tim OBrien
SOLO Grassroots Festival Trumanburg NY 7/24/99 SBD 2cds

Hot Rize
4/3/90 Wheelers Opry House 2cds

Hot Rize
Grass Valley CA 1/27/98 SBD 2cds

Hot Rize
1-27-98 Spargburg Theater Palo Alto ca SBD 2cds

Hot Rize
3-25-90 Boulder Theatre CO 3cds

Hot Rize
8-6-94 Rockygrass CO 2cds

Settlers Festival Dripping Springs TX SBD 1cd

Tim OBrien Band
Station Inn Nashville TN 1/16/99 DSBD 1cd

Tim OBrien
Grayfox Music Festival 7/20/01 A+ AUD 1cd

OBrien /Scott / Powell
Sioux Valley Folk Festival 8/4+5/01 A+ AUD 3cds

Tim OBrien
SOLO 7/15/01 California World Music Festival Grass Valley CA 1cd DSBD

Tim OBrien & Darrel Scott
7/15/01 California World Music Festival Grass Valley CA 2cds DSBD

Tim Obrien
SOLO ST Michals Pavilion Mont Clare PA Wedding Jam DSBD 3cds

12/27/01 Station Inn 2cds

Old Crow Medicine Show
2-8-01 Station Inn Nashville TN 3cds

Old Crow Medicine Show
5-17-01 Hi-Tone Cafe Memphis TN 1cd

Old Crow Medicine Show
8/3/01 Dogwood Brewery 1cd

Old Crow Medicine Show
1-25-02 Jack of the Woods Ashville nc SBD 3cds

Old Crow Medicine Show
3-12-02 Sticky Fingers little Rock AR 2cds

Old Crow Medicine Show
7-21-02 Trumansburg Ny 2cds

Old Crow Medicine Show
2-23-01 1cd

Old Crow Medicine Show
6-20-02 Bonaroo 1cd

Old Crow Medicine Show
7-20-02 1cd

Old Crow Medicine Show
9-28-02 1cd

Old And In The Way
The Lion Share San Anselmo CA Rehersal backroom 1cd

Old And In The Way
Stinsen Beach CA 9/30/73 2cds

Old And In The Way
11/4/73 Cotati CA SBD 2cds

Old And in The Way
Merlefest 4/29/00

Old And In The Gray
7-21-01 Grayfox 2cds

Old And In The Gray
5-24-02 Stone Pony NJ DSBD 2nd set 1cd

Open Road
08/11/02 Grand Targhee BGF, Alta, WY. 2cds

Open Road
9-8-02 Bozeman MT 3cds

Gram Parsons Fallen Angels w/Emmylou
Hempsted Ny 1cd
MBR>Gram Parsons
A Song For You Acoustic Rehearsal for solo album

Poor Richards Almanac
7-13-70 2cds

Poor Richards Almanac
78 telluride

Pond Farm Pickers
1-12-01 Gottrocks Greenville SC SBD1cd

John Prine
7-7-92 High Sierra Music Festival Lealand Meadows CA 2cds

4/30/99 Merlefest 1cd SBD

9-25-93 Palms Playhouse Davis ca SBD 2cds

John Prine w/ Iris Dement
Sessions At West 57th TV 9/12/99 1cd

Dolly Parton
Merlefest 4/25/01 AUD 1cd

Bonnie Raitt
Cow Palace 1-31-89 opening for the DEAD 1cd<

Railroad Earth
6-28-01 2cds

Railroad Earth
10-20-02 Dougaroo 2002
Cabin In The Blue Ridge Mountains Galax VA 4cds

Railroad Earth
3-14-03 3cds

Railroad Earth
4-20-03 2cds

Reeltime Travelers
Hoot & Howl 10-27-01 1cd

Reeltime Travelers
Ashville NC 1-27-02

Reeltime Travelers
4-13-02 Durango Meltdown Durango CO 1cd

Reeltime Travelers
8-16-02 Acoustic Coffeehouse Nederland CO 1cd

Reeltime Travelers
7-26-02 Center Stage Great Falls MT SBD 2cds

Reeltime Travelers
7-31-02 2cds

Reeltime Travelers
8-9-02 Grand Targhee BGF Alta WY 2cds

8-16-02 1cd

Reeltime Travelers
2-2-03 Lola's Room Portland OR SBD 2cds

Reeltime Travelers
2-8-03 Northwoods Clubhouse Truckee Ca Sbd 2cds

Reeltime Travelers
2-27-03 House of the Blues Chicago IL 1cd

Reeltime Travelers
4-4-03 Knitting Factory NY 2cds

Tony Rice & friends
The American Music Shop

Tony Rice
Macabes7/17/82 1cd

Tony Rice Unit
Towne Crier Prawlings NY 2/23/91 SBD 2cds

Tony Rice Unit w/Alison Krauss & Alison Brown
Soquel CA 6-15-89 2cds

Tony Rice Unit
1-11-03 Blue Heaven SBD 2cds

Peter Rowan & Nashville Bluegrass Band
10-28-88 The Down Home Johnson City TN 2cds

Peter Rowan
8-6-98 Fairbanks Alaska SBD 2cd

Peter Rowan And The Free Mexican Airforce
Suwanee Music Festival 10/16/98 SBD 2cds

Peter Rowan Texas Trio w/ Tony Rice
Suwanee Music Festival 3/25/00 AUD 1cd

Peter Rowan/Tony Rice/Vassar Clements/Ricky Simpkins
Arts & Science Center Auditorium Hickory NC 10/24/98 SBD 2cds

Rowan & Rice
2/21/99 Mystic Theater Petaluma CA 2cds

Peter Rowan And The Rowan Brothers>BR>REGGAEBILLY CHRISTMAS
Noe Valley Ministry SF CA 12/18/99 SBD 2cds

Peter Rowan Texas Trio
1cd Peter Rowan SOLO 1cd Both 10/10/99

Peter Rowans Crucial Reggae
Magnolia Festival10/20/01 2cds

Peter Rowan & Crucial Reggae
6-23-01 Telluride SBD 2cds

Peter Rowan
Jamgrass Norfork VA 7-17-02

Peter Rowan & Crucial Reggaebilly
7-6-02 High Sierra Music Festivat 2cds

Rowan Brothers
10-6-02 Strictly Bluegrass Festival SF CA 1cd

Rowan & Rice
8-25-02 Jamgrass Mountain Winery Saratoga CA 1cd

Peter Rowan & Don Edwards
12-15-02 Frieght & Salvage Berkley CA 2cds

Rowan Brothers
1-5-03 KPFA Studios Berkley CA

Rollin In The Hay
10/ 25/00 2cds

Rank And File
Universal Amp.4/1/83 AUD 1cd

Rank & File
Olso Norway 98 1cd

Mike Seeger & Hobo Pie
6/10/01 American Roots Festival SBD 1cd

Doug Sahm
85 Record Plant Sausalito CA 2cds

Karl Shiflet Big Country Show
Podunk Bluegrass Festival East Hartford CT SBD 1cd

Karl Shiflett Big Country Show 8/20/01 Earl Sunshine Music Park 1cd

Earl Scruggs & Friends
Merlfest 4/30/98 AUD 1cd

Earl Scruggs Review
5-31-79 My Fathers Place Long Island NY 2 cds

The Sideman Christmas show
12/18/01 Station Inn 2cds

The Shankman Twins
9/17/01 Tempe AZ 1cd

Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder
7/29/00 Rockygrass 2cds SBD

Ralph Stanley Clinch Mountain Boys
3-29-75 King Mtn NC 1cd

Ralph Stanley Clinch Mountain Boys w/ Jim Lauderdale
7/29/00 SBD Rockygrass

Ralph Stanley And The Clinch Mountain Boys
Podunk Bluegrass Festival East Hartford CT 7/00 SBD 1cd

Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys w/ Special Guest Jim Lauderdale
7/11/98 Denton BGF DSBd 2cds

Johnny Staats
Station Inn 4/17/00AUD 1cd

8-5-01 Lions Park SBD 2cds

Johnny Staats
8-12-00 1cd

String Cheese Incident
7-4-02 3cds

Son Volt
Acoustic Tracks 1cd

Dan Timinsky w/Tony Rice
Bill & Claires Hickory NC SBD 1cd

Chris Thile Workshop w/ Mike marshall
Telluride 6/24/01 AUD 1cd

Chris Thile And Friends
6/9/00 2cds

The Richard Thompson Band
3-29-85 The Ark Ann Arbor MI SBD 3cds

Richard & Linda Thompson
Rafforty's Folly 1cd
outtakes from Shoot Out The Lights

Richard Thompson
SOLO Cats Cradle Chaple Hill NC 8/13/94 SBD 2cds

Paul Thorn
7-2-99 Kuumba Santa Cruz Sbd 2cds

Paul Thorn
3-8-03 3rd & Lindsley Nashville TN 2cds

Tony Trischka / Tony Furtado
12-12-99 Old Towne folk music Chicago il 2cds

Jeff Tweedy
SOLO Lounge Ax 1/4/00 SBD 2cds

Jeff Tweedy
2-21-02 Tanzhalle St Pauli Hamburg GER SBD 1cd

w/ T-Bone Burnett/ Welch & Rawlings /w other artists
Mn 2cds

Frank Wakefield w/Grisman
Frieght & Salvage Berkley CA SBD 2cds

Frank Wakefield w/Peter Rowan
2/25/76 The Other End 2cds

The Waybacks
Grand Targhee Music Festival Alta Wy 2cds

The Waybacks
5/24/02 Last Concert Cafe, Houston, TX

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
Live & Obscure Var Locations SBD 1cd

Gillian Welch/ David Rawlings
5-21-98 Merlefest SBD 2cds

Gillian Welch / David Rawlings
6-21-96 Palms Playhouse Davis ca SBD 1cd

Welch & Rawlings electric band
Club Largo L.A. 99 1cd

Jeff White
Asagiri Bluegrass Festival Green Park Fujinomiya Shizuaoka Japan 5/27/00 AUD 1cd

Jeff White
4/26/00 Station Inn SBD 2cds

The White's w/Ricky Skaggs
7-20-01 AUD 1cd

Hank Williams III
2-12-00State Theater St Petersburg FL 1cd

Hank Williams III
1-11-03 Stubbs BBQ Austin TX 1cd

Lucinda Williams
LA ZONA ROSA TX 3/19/96 SBD 1cd

Lucinda Williams
Mcabes 91 2cds

Lucinda Williams
Palms 9-30-92 2cds

Lucinda Williams

Car Wheels ALT Outtakes 1cd

Vern Williams Band
1988 Norco BGF CA 1cd

Townes Van Zandt Great American Music Hall SF CA 2/96 SBD 2cds

Townes Van Zandt
Oranga Hall Hamilton New Zealand 88 2cds

Warren Zevon 9-82 Boston MA FM 2cds

Warren Zevon w/Jackson Browne
Hilversum Holland 12/8/76 FM 1cd

Warren Zevon
SOLO Seattle WA SBD 1cd

Warren Zevon
Nashville TN 4/11/00 AUD 2cds

Vern Williams & Ray Parks W/Herb Petersen
L.A & San Jose 65-66 1cd

Younder Mountain String Band
MYSTIC THEATER Petaluma CA SBD W/Grisman 3cds

Younder Mountain String Band
2-16-02 Catalyst 3cds

10-11-02 Cats Cradle Carrboro NC SBD 2cds

12-30-02 Boulder Theater Boulder CO SBD 3cds

Younder Mountain String Band
8-25-02 Jamgrass Mountain Winery Saratoga CA 1cd

Cosmic Bowling League AKA YMSB
12-31-02 Paramount Theater Denver CO SBD 1cd

Cosmic Bowling League AKA YMSB
4-9-00 Mountain Sun Brewery Boulder CO 2cds

12-31-02 Paramount Theater Denver Co SBD 3cds

YMSB Compilations

Jeff Scats & Raps 2cds

Younder Plays The Dead

Charles Sawtelle And The Whippets
Mid-Winter Festival Holliday Inn Fort Collins CO 2/13/92 1cd

Sawtelle Tribute Wernick/O'Brien/Forrester/Rowan
Winterhawk 1cd

Courtney Johnson Tribute Ryman
9/24/96 AUD 3cds

Merlefest Midnight Jam
w/Rowan/Rice Unit/Bela/Alison Krauss/Laurie lewis/Grisman
4/25/92 DSBD 2cds

Telluride alstars 6/18/88 1cd SBD

Tony Trichaka/Tony Furtado/Tom Adams/Richerd Greene/David grier
12/12/92 Old Towne School Of Folk Music 2cds

O'Brien/Powell/ Herman
9/13/99 Station Inn 2cdsDSBD

6/10/01AUD 1cd

Groovegrass Jam


Tony Trischka / Mark Vann
7-1-00 SBD

YMSB w/Keel
7-1-00 SBD 1cd

Vince Herman / Drew Emmitt / Joe Cravan
7-1-00 1cd

Mike Marshal / Joe Cravan / Sam Bush 7-1-00 SBD 1cd

1-25-02 Lexington KY AUD 2cds
2-2-02 Berkley CA AUD 3cds
2-14-02 paramount Theater Seattle WA AUD 2cds
8-10-02 Centuryel Center Bossier LA AUD 3cds best recording so far